What is the role of Technology?

Today was an exciting and interesting day at the Canadian International School, to say the least. Just a few short weeks after
opening the doors to our new state of the art campus in Singapore, we hosted a live radio show on the role of technology that was broadcast on the Campus Radio Show on 93.8 FM Singapore.

An enthusiastic studio audience of high school students watched and listened to the show live in our new auditorium while many others, including Mr. Little's MYP 10 Technology class, demonstrated the modern art of multi-tasking by listening to the live stream of the show over the Internet in their classroom, while continuing with their studies.

The panel discussion included students Meg Cavanagh and Gabriella Reeb, teacher Rick Butler, and a panel of experts from the field of technology representing companies like Microsoft and other industry leaders. Others making significant contributions through their insightful comments included students Tanya Phillips, Shayna Haley, Grael Miller, Elena Tsvetkova, Jennifer Li and Ken Montgomery, to name but a few.

Conversations circulated around topics that included the perceived threat that technology poses, the need to broaden our use/understanding of technology beyond using the Internet for social networking, and knowing how to make sure we maintain a balance in our lives between technological and human interaction.

Ultimately, the panel surmised that technology does have the ability to de-humanize human interaction and that users of technology need to make a conscious choice to use technology in a humanizing way that adds more value to our lives, our relationships and our way of doing things.

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