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Glogster EDU is a 21st Century tool for creating multimedia "posters' or "glogs' that include text, photos, graphics, drawings and embedded videos and sounds.

It has an easy to use interface that can be used to create inspirational projects that allow for student creativity and increase multimedia presentation skills.    There's also a nice student management piece which can be used to create private classes which can be monitored by the teacher administrator throughout the learning process.

There are 2 versions available.  The free basic teacher version allows the teacher-administrator to create a single class while the premium version gives you the ability to create multiple classes and subjects for  $99/yr.  There's also a school version for $2/student that allows you to add an unlimited number of students.  Of course, the best place to start of is with the free basic version to see if it's right for you and your students. I used the free version this year with a single class and based on the success I had with GlogsterEDU and student feedback I've decided to get the premium version for next year, which will allow me to create 200 student accounts.

The first assignment that I had my students complete on Glogster was to demonstrate their understanding of the seven motivators behind why people travel.  I presented the expectations of the assignment to them through a Glog in which I attempted to demonstrate some of the functionality Glogster has.  Some of the elements that I included in my original assignment included the addition of a variety of text features,  photos and embedding audio/video.  You can check out these features below......

Once we had learned the button pushing elements of Glogster,  students went on to use it in more meaningful ways, including the completion of Glogs on an adventure tourism or eco-tourism destination.   Students then shared their Glogs with one another by participating in an electronic travel fair whereby students circulated throughout the class and investigated each other's presentations.
My principal, Ted Cowan, came in for a visit and wrote about our experiences in his blog.

Students enjoyed using this method of demonstrating their understanding because of the easy incorporation of a number of different multimedia elements into their finished product.  From a teacher's perspective, the students remained on-task and engaged in their work and it allowed them to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in a different way.

Here is a student sample:

In conclusion, I would recommend Glogster  as another tool you can incorporate into the classroom learning environment to offer enriched learning opportunities to your students.

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