Edmodo - Safe, Collaborative Learning

Edmodo is a safe and secure on-line collaborative educational environment for teachers, students and parents.  Teachers can use Edmodo to communicate directly with students or to address the class as a whole.  With the ability to post notes, assignments, alerts, quizzes and polls in a "Facebook" style learning environment, it suits the needs of both student and teacher alike.  Parents love it as its an easy way to keep them informed of classroom activities, assignments, grades and school events.

With unique user accounts for teachers, students and parents,  the communicative control is in the teacher's hands.  Teachers can communicate directly with a class, individual students, other educators, or may send posted messages to parents.  To ensure a safe, secure learning environment, students can only communicate with the teacher or if permission has been assigned, they may communicate with the class or group.  Students do not have the ability to communicate with one another.  Parents only have the ability to communicate with the teacher and their own child.

Edmodo can also be used as to create Professional Learning Communities within a school to improve student learning or you might choose to broaden your horizons beyond your own educational institution by joining an Edmodo Community.


Additional features of Edmodo include a grade book, an event/assignment calendar and your own resource library where you can store an unlimited number of files and links.  Are you a Google Docs/Drive user?  If so, connect Edmodo to your Google Docs/Drive account to easily access existing files and attach them to notes, assignments etc.  The only limitation is the max file size for upload is 100mb.

Whether you're looking for a classroom or school based Learning Management System(LMS), Edmodo is definitely worthy of consideration.

Want to learn more?  Check out Edmodo in Action for resources related to getting started.

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