Skype in the Classroom

With all the talk lately about Microsoft's acquisition of Skype, it got me thinking about how we use this communication tool in the classroom.  Of course, educators are always looking for ways to connect what they teach to the 'real world'.  Whether it be bringing in guest speakers, taking our students on field trips or taking virtual trips through the use of the Internet, we are always looking for ways to connect with the outside world and bring meaning to what our students learn.  The use of Skype is an additional tool to help bridge this divide.

Imagine having a remote book talk with an author or collaborating with another classroom on the other side of the world.  The possibilities are really endless.  Looking for where to get started?  Check out 50 Awesome Ways to Use Skype in the Classroom for resources on getting started with Skype and ideas for teachers and parents and finding others using Skype.

Looking to use Skype in a meaningful way that explicitly defines learning objectives at every (pre-during-post) stage of a Skype conference?  Then, look no further than this document shared by educator Silvia Tolisano.

Skype was recently used by teacher Ben Grundy at the Canadian International School in Singapore to communicate with the PIO School in Cambodia as part of a performance arts unit.  Students from each school demonstrated cultural dances to one another and used the technology to create a unique multicultural learning experience.  See all the details here.

Looking for your own opportunities to collaborate?  Take a look at Skype in the classroom to find collaborative projects, like-minded teachers and a wide variety of resources including videos, links and tips.

Check out this video on Skype in the classroom, as reported by Kara Tsuboi, a CNET reporter for CBS Newspath.

Want to get started but don't know where to begin?  Get Skype and check out New to Skype? for everything you need to know to get started and let the communicative learning begin!

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